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Volume 83, Number 2 (2007)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


“Curst Be He That Moves My Bones:” The Surprisingly Controlling Role of Religion in Equitable Disinterment Decisions
     - Peter Zablotsky


Crawford’s Short-Lived Revolution: How Davis v. Washington Reins in Crawford’s Reach
     - Josephine Ross


The Municipal Ideal and the Unknown End: A Resolution of Oliver Wendell Holmes
     - Michael F. Duggan, Ph.D


Online Satellite and Aerial Images: Issues and Analysis
     - Brian Craig


Is Tyler Durden Insane?
     - J.C. Oleson


Private and Public Necessity and the Violation of Property Rights
     - John Alan Cohan


United States v. Lara - Federal Powers Couched in Terms of Sovereignty and a Relaxation of Prior Restraints
     - David P. Weber




Wagon-Circling Prohibited: Forsaking Constitutional Rights as a Means to Prosecute Business Organizations
     - Madeleine E. Moise Cassetta




Is Past Prologue?
     - Robert Fabrikant