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Vol. 76:4 (2000)


Use Preferences for Water - Robert E. Beck

Takings by Floodwaters - Alan Romero

A Canadian Perspective on the Devils Lake Outlet: Towards an Environmental Assessment Model or the Management of Transboundary Disputes - Sheryl A. Rosenberg

Waterfowl Production Areas: An Updated State Perspective - Murray G. Sagsveen and Matthew A. Sagsveen

Prior Appropriation: Rule, Principle, or Rhetoric? - A. Dan Tarlock


Internet Jurisdiction and Minimum Contacts - Lora J. Lewicki

Case Comments

Searches and Seizures -Automobile Exception: The Fourth Amendment Does Not Prevent a Search of Passengers' Containers in an Automobile Wyoming v. Houghton, 526 U.S. 295 (1999) - Kari M. Knudson

Civil Rights - Federal Remedies: Public Schools May be Liable for Student-on-Student Sexual Harassment, Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education, 526 U.S. 629 (1999) - Sara K. Sorenson