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Vol. 78:2 (2002)

Chief Judge Rodney S. Webb Tribute

Dedication - Dean W. Jeremy Davis

Our Dad - Crystal Wosick, Todd Webb, and Wade Webb On Behalf of Judge Webb's Children

Tributes By Federal Judges

My Friend and Colleague in the Law - Honorable Myron H. Bright

Tribute to Chief Judge Rodney S. Webb - Honorable Roger L. Wollman

An Excellent Judge - Honorable Richard W. Goldberg

A Judge of All Trades - Honorable Karen K. Klein

Making Federal Courts Accessible to the Public - Honorable Alice R. Senechal

Tributes By State Judges

No Ordinary Individual - Honorable Gerald W. VandeWalle

Quite a Ride - Honorable James H. O'Keefe

Tributes By Former Clerks and Others

A Lasting Legacy - Michael T. Andrews

Tax Law: One of Judge Webb's Hobbies - Susan L. Bailey

Rodney S. Webb: United States Attorney for the District of North Dakota from 1981 to 1987 - Lynn E. Crooks

A Man of Energy and Focus - Jane L. Dynes

Construction of the Quentin N. Burdick United States Courthouse - Ralph E. Hanson

Judge Webb - Linda Haukedahl

In Touch With the People He Serves - Paul J. Noah

Making the Court an Open Public Institution - Michael S. Raum

A Solid Member of the Legal Profession - Bernie Reynolds

Treating Defendants as Individuals - Sara K. Sorenson


Attorney Remembrances in the North Dakota Law Review - Ted Smith

Photographs in the North Dakota Law Review - Ted Smith

Woe Unto Those Who Request Consent: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Rejecting a Deceased's Anatomical Gift Because There is no Consent by the Survivors - Leonard H. Bucklin


The Future of Devils Lake: Is Justice Delayed Justice Denied? - Emilee O. Harren

Case Comments

Constitutional Law - Search and Seizure: The Authority of Peace Officers to Conduct Warrantless Custodial Arrests for Fine-only Misdemeanor Offenses Atwater v. City of Lago Vista, 532 U.S. 318 (2001) - Kristi Schatz