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Vol. 79:2 (2003)


Falling Down on the Job: Workers' Compensation Shifts from a No- Fault to a Worker-Fault Paradigm
- Dean J. Haas

Liability for Accidents from Use and Abuse of Cell Phones: When are Employers and Cell Phone Manufacturers Liable? - Jordan Michael

Assurances of Titles to Real Property Available in the United States: Is a Person Who Assures a Quality of Title to Real Property Liable for a Defect in the Title Caused by Conduct of the Assured?
- Charles B. Sheppard

Case Comments

Constitutional Law -- Freedom of Speech: Door-to-Door Permit Requirements for Noncommercial Canvassers, Domestic Threat or Freedom of Speech?
Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, Inc. v. Village of Stratton, 536 U.S. 150 (2002) - Zachary E. Pelham

Criminal Law -- Sentencing and Punishment: The United States Supreme Court Defines What Constitutes a "Crime"
Harris v. United States, 536 U.S. 545 (2002) - Robert B. Stock