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Vol. 81:4 (2005)


Prelude:  The Personal as Predicate
- Patti Alleva

Images of Relationship
- Carol Gilligan

From In A Different Voice to The Birth of Pleasure: An Intellectual Journey
- Carol Gilligan

A Different Voicing of UnWelcomeness: Relational Reasoning and Sexual Harrassment
- Margaret Moore Jackson

A Judicial Mediator's Perspective: The Impact of Gender on Dispute Reolution:
Mediation as a Different Voice
- Chief Magistrate Judge Karen K. Klein

Thinking Like a Lawyer
- Peggy Cooper Davis & Aderson Belgarde Francois

Heeding the Voice of Native Women: Toward and Ethic of Decolonization
- Carrie A. Martell & Sarah Deer

A Reflection on the Influence of Women on the North Dakota Legal Community
- Justice Mary Muehlen Maring

Equality for Women: Integration and Acceptance of Women in the Legal Profession and the Impact of Women in the Legal Profession
- Jane C. Voglewede


Protecting Victims by Working Around the System and Within the System: Statutory Protection for Emotional Abuse in the Domestic Violence Context
- Joy M. Bingham*

*We regret the unfortunate typographical error in the biographical footnote of Joy M. Bingham.
The correct information reads as follows:

Joy Bingham is a J.D. candidate at the University of North Dakota School of Law. I would like to thank Judge Clapp, Judge Kleven, and Judge Medd for their participation in my article and their insight into domestic violence.