Computer Services

The Computer Services staff manages all of the School of Law computer services and maintains all computers owned by the School of Law for faculty, student, and staff use. The individual computers are connected to a local area network, providing access to hard-disk data storage, multi-launch applications, and laser printing, including a color option. Every computer is also part of the Internet, with complete connections to the web, e-mail, ODIN, and computer-assisted legal research on Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw. The computer lab also serves as a training facility for students. The lab is open all hours that the library is open.

The library has approximately 280 network jacks located on the perimeter of each floor. This permits students to plug in a laptop to have full Internet and law school network access from anywhere in the library. In addition, wireless technology has been adopted and is utilized by many students. Computer Services has implemented a log-in procedure for access to the public terminals (lab and kiosks). This log-in permits students to maintain a private "virtual computer" no matter where they log in. Guest log-in is also permitted on the public terminals.

Computer Services provides numerous downloadable tutorials, covering topics such as logging into the system, accessing the wireless network, accessing e-mail, printer utilization, and more.

For further information about Computer Services or Video Services, please contact:

Carl Warrene

Carl Warrene
Systems Administrator



Michael J. Hanson
Instructional & Support Technologist